Working Together on Minor Use Issues

First Global Minor Use Priority Setting Workshop: Seeking pest management solutions for growers around the world, September 20 - 22, 2015 in Chicago, IL, USA. See details.

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Minor uses encompass crop protection needs that are essential for production. Since minor uses relate to low acreage crops or are minor uses on large acreage crops, the crop protection industry is reluctant to conduct the research that is required to register products for minor uses. The low acreage of minor crops results in an insufficient return on investment of the expenditures that are required to attain regulatory approval.

Additionally there are resources required to maintain minor crop registrations and liability issues from possible crop damage that the crop protection industry is often unwilling to assume. On a global basis, this presents problems for producers because of a lack of authorized options to control pests and diseases. This also affects producers seeking market access as well as exporters and traders of those commodities. Trade barriers often occur due to a lack of, or differences in, acceptable Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) on produce.

The Global Minor Uses Summits have been provided in order to assist in addressing these issues.
Minor Use Summits

Participants from over 60 countries throughout the world have come together on two significant occasions (2007 and 2012) to discuss issues regarding minor uses and the issues surrounding them. For information regarding the two summits click here:

The First Global Minor Use Workshop. Program and presentations, click here.