IR-4 New Products/Transitional Solution List (searchable)

(Compiled by IR-4 Project Headquarters)

This is the IR-4 New Products/Transitional Solutions List in a searchable database.  The information contained in this database can also be viewed and printed from the PDF file on the IR-4 website.  This database contains information on pest control products (common and trade name, registrant, chemistry/mode of action, pest control spectrum/traits, registration status of various crops) that have been introduced in recent years.  It also contains information on some “older” products that are believed to have potential for new uses.  Many of these pest control tools offer great promise to fill pest management voids created from cancellation of certain pesticides/pesticide uses associated with the Food Quality Protection Act.  The status of product uses on crops/crop groups/crop subgroups is classified as either Registered (tolerance and label approved by EPA), Pending (tolerance petition submitted and awaiting EPA review, or residue study in progress), or Potential (possible registrant or IR-4 project).  The usefulness of some products for specialty crops is still being explored, so there is little information available in this database.
            Revisions to this database and the website version are made as information is received, making this a continually-updated, dynamic document.  The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge accurate, based on input from registrants and published literature, but is not necessarily inclusive of every registered use.  Always consult product labels to confirm crops and use patterns that are registered.  If you see errors or have updates, or if you have any questions on the material found here, please contact Van Starner at IR-4 HQ, ( or phone 732-932-9575 x4621).

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