Call for Proposals

The IR-4 Biopesticide Research Program announces a request for grant proposals for funding of efficacy research in 2014. IR-4 is especially interested in proposals containing biopesticides as resistance management tools rotated with conventional products. While resistance management is an important interest, the proposal must still have a majority focus on biopesticides.

Project proposals will be accepted in Early, Advanced and Demonstration stage categories. The total amount of funding available will be around $400,000. Most successful grants have generally ranged from $5,000 to $25,000. The primary objective of the IR-4 Biopesticides Research Program is to further the development and registration of biopesticides for use in pest management systems for specialty crops or for minor uses on major crops. Download applications here.

Proposals will be due December 9, 2013 (deadline extended due to Government shut down)

For questions about proposal format and content contact:
Michael Braverman
732.932.9575 ext 4610
or Bill Barney
732.932-9575 ext 4603